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IndexConvert Process Summary

See the user guide or brochure for more information. These are available from the downloads page.

Labeling headings ($L1_ $L2_, $L3_, etc.) and locator strings ($L_) allows the index to be manipulated into spreadsheet or other formats and exported to the file of choice.

At each stage, error labels ($ErH01_, $ErL00_, $ErL01_ etc.) identify positions in the index that must be reviewed before the next stage.

During the labeling stages the user is asked to respond to initial judgements made by IndexConvert based on automatic  searches of the index. Examples of the dialogue are ‘Is this a level 1 heading?’ or ‘Is this a FIRST locator?’

The first stage is preprocessing. This converts the index to a layout that can be used by IndexConvert. If the index is presented as multiple columns it will be converted to a single column. Unnecessary page, section and column breaks, blank lines, and single letter group headings, are automatically removed. Very little manual adjustment is required, saving much time.

Initial labeling of locators uncovers layout problems that may affect heading labeling.

Headings and subheadings are then labeled using a choice of three different methods. 

Remaining locators are then labeled.

An audit determines entries that may have been labeled incorrectly. The user needs to adjust the index at this stage to eliminate all error codes.

An audit report can be created containing only the entries containing error labels.

Concatenation and style labeling follows unless an IXM, IDEX or Index-Manager export is chosen.

Styles labeled are bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript and smallcaps.

The file is then exported to the required file format.

TextConvert and CharConvert

TextConvert and CharConvert aid entry of diacritics into Sky Index or Macrex. You can also quickly establish the keyboard entry codes of any characters without the need to search massive Unicode tables.

Elided 123-4

Elided is an additional add-in supplied with IndexConvert for converting elided page ranges back to un-elided ranges to support repagination.